Unicorn Mom 

Ladies, if you don’t already know about this mom group I’m writing to address a few things I’ve experienced after becoming a member. 

First off, I fell in love with the honesty, The hilarious and relatable stories, the idea that I belonged to something so upbeat and empowering! The page let’s all mothers be crude, perv out, ask for advice, vent or even help fundraise if some mothers are struggling.

Second, I offered words of encouragement. I shared photos of my daughter and selfies of my fav snapchat filters! I had a blast being a unicorn mom to the point that I bought a decal for my car and a tank top to rep! It definitely brought me out of my post partum slump and knew the things I struggle with were just a grain of salt compared to what other momma’s were going through. 

And lastly the fact that I could embrace that I’m imperfect! It sounds so ideal right?! Well…. WRONG. 

About 4ish days ago I started noticing that posts were not coming up on my fb feed.. so when I searched the group it didn’t come up.. come to find out I was booted and fucking blocked! I have no idea why… I made sure to follow the rules that everyone constantly bitches about, I didn’t talk about anal or post photos of my nipples, I didn’t slut shame or bash any other mothers.. I was a great member and I’m even attending attendant UM event next week. I purchased merch to support the cause and when I had a friend ask the administration why I was booted they replied with “we boot so many people so we don’t know why”

EXCUSE ME!?!?!?!? You take people’s money and run the UNICORN MOM logo like it’s a giant honor yet you don’t know reasons your members are being blocked? You need to get your shit together and actually look throughly threw the members braking the rules! Or offer a warning and an explanation as to why they might be facing a boot! I tried to contact someone in hopes to be reconsidered and to see if me being deleted was a mistake. Yet I have not heard back. Refund my damn money or give me back my fucking horn😠😒 


One salty ass horn less unicorn mom 


Breastmilk Jewelry ❤

I have been chosen to be a brand rep for the small shop @lifesjourneyjewelrycreations 😍 as a rep I received the most beautiful vintage pendant! 

Within this one of a kind piece there is my breastmilk, my daughters umbilical cord stump & preserved flowers from my littles 7 month photo! 

It’s an amazing keepsake I want you to check out their Instagram and or website! their keepsakes are so precious, go order one today! as my friends & followers use the code: 


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Happy 241st Marines 🎉

Today is a special day for my husband, it’s a celebration of his corps. 

After 4 years of service he is finally transitioning back into the civilian world! 

With that being said, we were unable to attend this year’s ball since it collides with our move out day and the money is just too tight at the moment. we decided to take make shift ball photos. We  had these planned for over the past month! What seemed like forever our day finally approached, OUR ORIGINAL PHOTOGRAPHER BAILED. it was totally unprofessional and I am so very disappointed in her, I unfriend and unfollows all her accounts. she and I created a friendship which made it 10 times worse when she canceled. 

However, second hand photography pulled through and took amazing photos of us. If it wasn’t for her we would not have had these to cherish for the years to come! I am eternally greatful ❤ my dress is from @suckerforvintage on Instagram. go give her a follow! 

Blueberries Blueberries 

How many here are overly excited for Halloween like myself? I am beyond thrilled (my favorite holiday) I have 3 boxes of Halloween decor I’ve been itching to unpack in my garage! 

This post today is to help give that fall/autumn feel (especially if you’re like me and dying for the cold weather) 

(Make shift) BLUEBERRY PIE

It’s easy, it’s yummy and it can be done with a screaming baby in your arms. Trust me, I know.

What you’ll need:


-5 cups blueberries 

-3/4 cup sugar 

-3 TSP corn starch 

-1 TSP Cinnamon 

-lemon zest

-pinch of salt 

Mix together and you have a filling! 

*note It’s a bit hard for me to make a homemade crust with a crying baby*

-3 Pillsbury pie crust

Instructions :

Mix the above ingredients 

-2 roll pie crust out and onto a cookie sheet

-place filling inside it

-use pizza cutter to make small long pieces out of the other pie crust, place in any way you would like

-bake at 400° for 25 min 

Enjoy with some tea and a pumpkin spice candle✨🎃💖

Best wishes,

Larisa Yarber 

Baby Activity 

Jello anyone? The only Jello I enjoy usually has fruity flavored vodka and being passed around at parties! 

These my dear mothers, are a fun activity for the little babe ♡ and I mean you can make yourself a little party favor too! 

This colorful jello activity is sticky, cold, gooey and keeps Larenity occupied while I write this post! 

 What you need:

3 packages Plain gelatin 

2 cups of apple juice (boiled)

1 cup of cold water


Boil apple juice

– Mix cold water and plain gelatin for 1 minute 

-Stir in Apple juice

**add toys**

-Refrigerate for 4 hours


Let those little have fun💞

Best wishes,

Larisa Yarber 

Etsy is Bae 

So many people don’t realize the power of buying from etsy! Most think it’s expensive or find things over priced and that Amazon has the better deal. Myself however, I’m addicted to buying off etsy. It’s rewarding to know that I’m able to provide food, warmth, gifts whatever it is… to someone else’s home. Buying from small shops is their business and the way they make their living. 

One of the biggest insults I ever received was when I was having a conversation about wedding rings mind you mine is handmade from an etsy store, bought for 900$ plus shipping and taxes so almost 1,000$.. now to me that is alot of money. To the person who will remain anonymous, they stated how they deserved an actual diamond ring from Kay jewelers and won’t settle for a silly ring off etsy. 

To be honest, I was hurt, genuinely hurt by that statement. I’m a good mother and wife I believe I deserve a 12,000$ ring too but you don’t see me complaining or putting others down over it. 

To that person, good luck with your materialistic world. 


Larisa Yarber 

Honeymoon phase 

They say the honeymoon phase is within the first 3 months of a new experience.. Whether it’s a relationship, living situations, friends etc.. and that could be true for some but I feel like I skipped that whole phase as a new mother. 

We will get back to that in a sec, as a wife I’m blessed to live in a 3 bed 2.5 bath home on Camp Pendelton. (Or as my husband and I joke camp fuckelton) within this past month after the 2 years of marriage, it seems it has gotten easier. We haven’t truly had arguments or gone through dark times, I just want to say when I get past our mishaps and my doubts I do truly love him and I see that he does truly love me. 

Ok, I swear this wasn’t going to be a sappy marriage post. The real reason for my post today is to help new mothers, even myself, it’s ok to not experience a honeymoon phase in the beginning. I struggle from childhood depression and daddy issues blah blah blah. But after having Larenity I don’t know what came over me, it was major sadness, constant crying and feeling like my daughter would be better off with a different mother or that my mom should raise her. And to be blunt, it fucked me up. Made me resentful and felt like I couldn’t live up to motherhood like my mother before me. My daughter wasn’t and isn’t an easy baby, she was colicky, had a sensitive tummy, and at the moment I see that she had ripped her diaper off and is crawling over to me. Mind you she’s only 7 MONTHS OLD.

It’s easy to make yourself look happy and that you are a total pro. Social media can do that. But I’m truly trying and I believe I am overcoming it now, I am a better mother because of my struggle and I’m blessed to be enjoying the honeymoon phase now while my daughter is active and playful.

Talk to you all soon,

Best wishes xo
Larisa Yarber